Volume IV

by Honeymoon Bridge

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Released August 3, 2018
written by Honeymoon Bridge


released August 3, 2018

Steph Brett - Vocals, Nylon String Guitar (3, 4, 5, 6)
Helena Plazza - Vocals, Auto-Harp (3), Celtic Harp (6), Flute (5)
Stephen E. Stanisic - Mandolin (4, 5, 8), Steel String Guitar (2, 8)

Recorded by Stephen E. Stanisic between April 8th - 10th, 2018 onto four-track cassette in Buangor, Victoria.

Mixed by Stephen E. Stanisic

Mastered by Myles Mumford


all rights reserved



Honeymoon Bridge Melbourne, Australia

Honeymoon Bridge is the harmony-folk duo hailing from a ghost town in rural Victoria. The widows sing stories of mourning, haunted heaths and the rituals of life in isolated country. Their ethereal harmonies, evocative of Simon and Garfunkel, are underpinned by hypnotic acoustic guitar, celtic harp, and old-time mandolin. ... more

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Track Name: Who Goes There?
who goes there (by the old prayer house)
who goes there (at this hallowed hour)
cries from the seas
whispers among the gumtrees
who goes there

ooo susannah (babe of violet white)
ooo peter (son of dawn ann frances)
grandma of the meadows
take these souls from shadows
who goes there
Track Name: Searching For Gold
ahh swallowing the western rail
wild biscuit grass now overgrows
through a sleepy postal town
mountains peaking over clouds
watching old men soak in sun
reminded of a different time
when they were searching for gold

they were searching searching for gold

ahh following the western rail
to where the leaves on fiery creek are gleaming
promising a new life beneath the sacred soil
troves of mud and dusty cloud
cover young men browned by sun
stories unalike unite
for a future of gold

they were searching searching for gold

ahh they built a road to bypass town
steel tanks are rusted and dry
and the old hotel closed down
mountains watching life go by
people come and they move on
a thread of gold lines the horizon
every night there to remind us to keep searching for gold

searching searching for gold
searching searching for gold
Track Name: Little Bird
little bird youre just like me
youre longing to be up there flying free
o little bird dont you cry
dont let the tears well in your eye when you look at that beautiful blue sky
youll learn to fly
and thats the difference between you and i
i belong on the ground and you in the sky

little bird soon your wings will grow
and then youll want to go and join the others
o little bird dont you mind about leaving me behind
and seeking new winds to whind
o little bird i want you to know
ill be smiling at you from way down below

little bird i wish i could stay
mend your mistakes and stitch every heart break
o little bird dont you hide
the strong wind will scare and misguide you
be brave and show what i know is inside you
little bird youll be on your own
just once in a while look how far youve flown
Track Name: Baby Blue Eyes
baby blue eyes open wide
baby blue eyes wrap yourself around
the new morning sky
birds flying high singing true for you

baby blue eyes crystalline
baby blue eyes catch the sun
and travel on its majestic light
take it in your stride the visions that guide you
shine through your baby blue eyes

baby blue eyes (baby blue eyes)
baby blue eyes drifting and lifting out of time
blinking and winking all through my mind
rain without a cloud
not a drop of doubt surrounds
my babys blue eyes

baby blue eyes (baby blue eyes)
baby blue eyes earth is holding you moonchild
breathing in and out the ocean tide
kiss you goodnight
wishing you be dreaming wild
when you close those babys blue eyes
Track Name: Bermuda
down in bermuda paridise for two
i lost my lover there on the blue

we went sailing on a coral sea
starlit waters my darling and me
time was endless love sang its song
we dreamed of tomorrow now he is gone

i see his lips in the coral
i see his eyes in the water blue
i see his hair in the glowing sunlight
a vision clear calling em near

in bermuda water oh so clear and cold
i await my loved one as i grow old
Track Name: Dark Eyes
i watch from the show for her white sails
salt breeze and oceans roar for her white sails
dry eyes stoney heart i scan the sea
for the sails of the golden ship coming for me

day by day by day by day i wait and prayer
they shake their heads and turn to say she drifts away
dry eyes stoney heart i scan the sea
for the sails of the fairest ship coming for me

she was wrecked long ago oh the raging sea
lost all men and cargo no mercy
dry eyes stoney heart i scan the sea
oh the bonniest sailor promised to return to me

im still up here alone birds fly by
they etched my name in stone neath the starry sky
when the moonlight hits the water i see his smile
and the promise of his dark eyes holding me tight
Track Name: Rose
rose oh you came to me so tenderly
rose woken by your scent so sweet and earthly
carried on the wind more than just a dream
with a touch of a gentle hand traced upon you

rose oh beauty hidden beauty shown
rose like the bud you left upon my stone
with me at the dawn with me through the night
well meet in a memory to live on

i could i forget you
i could i forget you
bigger than they sky deeper than the sea
than the burning desert you left in me
Track Name: Weary Night
o o weary night night
take these hours and bring me the light
o sleep sleep rest sorrows eyes
steal me away from my mind

never so weary no farther i go
here will i rest til the break of the day
ill curl up on this cold cold bed
til im visited by the day

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